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What is up with the Elephant in the logo?

Life Real Estate has many reasons for existing today, and its name and logo have a lot of hidden meaning wrapped into their small package. The very word, “Life,” represents growth and change. Michelle Shelton is an avid proponent of both personal and business growth and she also embraces change.

You will notice an elephant woven into the logo of Life Real Estate. An elephant symbolizes many different things to different cultures. The elephant also depicts many qualities that Michelle Shelton brings to the real estate industry. Michelle has longevity in the industry and brings strength, power, and dignity to everything she does. Besides, elephants portray patience, honor, intelligence, and spirituality. Elephants also have strong family ties and not only grieve the loss of a loved one and have strong emotions for their family and will fight to protect them.

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All of this is wonderful and certainly would stand alone of why one would use an elephant to signify all of these fantastic qualities and yet, it is not the reason for the elephant in the logo. The elephant is for Phil. Phil is Michelle’s son who died in 2012. Phillip was married to a Turkish girl and in the Turkish language, “Phil” means Elephant. Phillip also had a little girl, Ava, who is near and dear to her grandma’s heart. It is a small and powerful gesture to remember the young man who lived life to the fullest and produced an amazing gift to this world prior to his departure in a car accident at the tender age of 22.

As a powerful leader, Michelle serves in many capacities as a volunteer to improve and move forward essential issues in the real estate industry. Michelle is involved in creating forms with the ARMLS task force. She serves on the Rules Committee and is the 2019 Treasure of ARMLS. Michelle is also a Director for the Southeast Valley Regional Association of REALTORS® and the Arizona Association of REALTORS®.

Michelle is willing to take a stand when necessary. She is not one to be pushed away from what she knows is effective. She has a robust Midwestern drive and upbringing, and her values run deep. As a child she had two rules:

  1. Tell the truth
  2. You will work

This equates to hard work and honesty and when coupled, these characteristics bring about many other qualities that serve her clients in the real estate industry and her friends and family in life.

If you ask Michelle, at the end of the day, she wants people to see she is a solid human and appreciate her for who she is. A loyal, trusted advisor with a plethora of knowledge and a desire to serve and protect her clients’ best interests. Someone who perhaps they can call friend.

Michelle Shelton & Emma Shelton
Was excellent at communicating and keeping us informed during the entire process from listing to sale with weekly updates. Also went above the call and made minor service calls on the home while we were out of town.

Paul E

Michelle is one of the most honest people I’ve ever met. Her knowledge of the market helped lead us to our current home and her friendship with us has continued. She’s the greatest!

Dave and Michelle L

Michelle did a fantastic job selling my house. Buying and selling property in Arizona always has its challenges, and Michelle made the process go so exceptionally well that both I and the buyer felt that we’d had a fair experience. I highly recommend Michelle.


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