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The Life Real Estate Difference

What is the Life Real Estate Difference?

What makes working with Michelle Shelton and her team of agents at Life Real Estate better?

Have you ever been in the middle of a turbulent and high-stress situation and didn’t know what was going on or didn’t know what to ask? Yeah. I have too and it sucks.

This is Michelle, I am the Designated Broker at Life Real Estate and our agents are smart. They are trained to operate as professionals. They are trained to ask questions and learn and grow at a fast pace. They are trained to be a fiduciary to their clients.

One Big Difference is called Communication

Communication. Over the years I have had many times where someone chose not to hire me and then realized they had made a poor choice. At that point, I can’t help. It’s too late. If you call and say, I don’t know what is going on, my agent hasn’t called me back or I think I am under contract, I don’t know if I am or not.

This is not good.  We communicate at a much higher level because you deserve to know what is going on during your transaction. I had one “friend” who hired someone else and they wouldn’t call her back for days. She had to cancel her moving truck two times because the buyer couldn’t perform and her REALTOR® didn’t tell her.

Another thing, do you get a lot of emails? Yeah. Me too! You shouldn’t have to go digging through your email looking for documents to sign. Our agents will tell you when they are sending you something for an autograph and explain to you what you are autographing and why it is important. Communication or lack of communication is one of the biggest consumer complaints in this industry. Don’t be stuck with an agent who doesn’t answer their phone or is simply a paperwork pusher. You deserve better!

Painful Home Seller Experiences and How it can Cost you Money!

I interview with folks all the time who will ask for a discount or they want me to match other REALTORS® they have interviewed. The reason these REALTORS® are discounting is they have no other value to offer you. A great REALTOR® should not only keep you from spending money, but they should also put any amount of commissions and more in your pocket through strong negotiations and skill.

SMART Sellers Avoided a Disaster & huge Loss

his very week I had a Queen Creek home appraise at $625,000. When I went to interview with these potential clients, they had interviewed five other REALTORS® specializing in horse property. Two didn’t know anything about horse property and one told them to list it at $485,000 and the other told them he would pay them cash $500,000 because that is what it was worth.

I got their Queen Creek home under contract with a REALTOR® who is also an appraiser and he put it under contract at $625,000 and proceeded to tell me it would never appraise for $625,000. Let me tell you another quality you will like. Confidence. I know my job. I do my job and I do it well. I won’t steer you wrong when listing your home and if you trust my guidance, I will get you more money than other REALTORS® will.

Long story short, we got a better backup offer that we took and bumped the first buyers with the appraiser REALTOR®. Unfortunately, this is how they set up their contracts, (with a contingency). The house closed and my sellers were happy campers moving on to the next chapter in their life. The moral of the story is, your home might be worth more than you think! My sellers might never have known they left $125,000 on the table except for the fact that they are SMART Sellers. I’m telling you, the fact that you are here reading this and learning and doing your research tells me you are a SMART Home Seller.

SMART Seller in Gilbert Made More Money on his Home Sale

I had a seller client in Gilbert who had his home under contract with another REALTOR® and went all the way to closing and didn’t get a dime of the Earnest Money. Why? Because his REALTOR® didn’t take the extra steps to protect it for him. You see, his REALTOR® was his son and he wasn’t skilled. He had his real estate license so he could practice, but who wants to be the guinea pig for someone practicing real estate? You? Naw, you are too smart for that!

That same client had another escrow and I negotiated him a much better deal. No one wants the Earnest Money, they want to sell the house, right? Well, when you take your home off the market for 30 days and someone doesn’t perform, I tell you, you want that Earnest Money. So I got it for him and we relisted it and sold it again and put another $10,000 in his pocket.

SMART Seller Listened to Pricing Strategies and SOLD his Home in 7 Days!

I had another seller who had listed his home with two other REALTORS® before me. I discussed marketing with him and negotiations and when we got to pricing, I told him to raise the price. His home had been on the market for 18 months and he still didn’t have an offer. Why? Strategy. We raised the price, improved the marketing and in 7 days had his home under contract with a 30-day closing and it closed without a hitch. Ask me about pricing strategies that really work!

What is in the Best Interest of the Client –  A True Fiduciary

I had another Home Seller who got a sign call. I ran over and showed the home. The buyer wanted it. I knew the personalities were going to be a challenge and told the buyer, he needed to go and get another REALTOR® and that I couldn’t help him. He had a home he needed to sell as well. Most would not do this. Why? Money! I work hard for my living and my number one priority is what is in the best interests of my clients and that was not. That buyer ended up buying our property but he had his own REALTOR®. That is what was in the best interest of my client.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the Phoenix area, I would value the opportunity to earn your business.
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